30. 08 – 08.09 MEETINGS video & performance festival around Nissum fjord Holstebro Denmark

The festival is high and low, having artists to meet with the area, the people living there and other artists and the art which have been created during the last year around the Nissum.

Here are some images taken during my visit at the festival, as a participant.

At first ‘Balanse @kt’, 2 documentaries of the performances: BURK@CRISES and BURK@TWIST created as stunt performances in 2011 at the Stavanger contemporary art museum and the Artists house (Kunstnerneshus) in Oslo.

Then, here under some pictures to give an idea of the atmosphere as we were driven around during 3 days, during which 30 artists met and whith some of the population living in the area and talked and looked at 26 art works, mostly video og film projections at 21 sites around the Nissum fjord.

MEETING some of the art works in the different sites.