TST ! T-Shirt Transformation

The installation TST ! T-Shirt Transformation was created MAI 2009 at Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway.

to see the installation clic on the picture !

The installation was interactive on the web, on this blog and at Tou Scene, adr.: Kvitsøygt. 25, 4014 Stavanger from march 14 to mai 10, 2009


Art and political comitment: As I was there myself, it was natural to  propose to the participants of the “sitting action” (to prottest against the building of huge power masts by Statnett in Hardanger Norway) to take part in the art performance TST !

Some took the challenge during the spare time waiting for the police.

TST ! T Shirt Transformation” was then  activated.

INVITATION and instructions !
This is an invitation to participate in a visual dialog and contribute to build up the installation TST !
instructions: select a T-shirt,  put it on as shown in the pictures and have a picture taken.
Send the picture, size 450 x 600 pxl (72dpi)
to: abtffn(at)abtffn.com
Make your own TST !  installation with your friends  at home or at your  jobb with your collegues.
Enjoy the discussions you can have around the installation and the themes it inspires.
Thank you !

TST ! comments and participations


The danish artist Trine Søndergaard has an exhibition in Fanø, Denmark with portrets of women in “struder”. The motives have a clear referanse to the burka’s, but they are also pictures of “struder”, a head clothing, the women from the danish islands used to protect themselves with against rough weather and hard winds.

Sent by  Torild Wardenær march 17 2011.

From visitors and participants:

– I have looked at the installation  TST ! and can’t tell  if it is for or against hijaab.

– I aim for that within the same society I would feel safe bathing naked on public beaches  as well as for  my cosisters would feel safe wearing the hijaab or the burka.

– En hijab kan være en t-skjorte som ikke er tredd ned over hodet enda. Og kan brukes slik Knut Nærum bruker dem, til å kommunisere med omverden. Jeg berørte forresten temaet i en tidligere blog: “Hijab skaut fart med norsk nisselue“. Jeg sendte selv denne TST-versjonen til den dypt humanistiske og derfor alltid sjangeroverskridende kunstneren (legg forresten merke til Hieronymus Bosch og hans “Garden of Earthly Delights” i bakgrunnen :-)):

– So strange and unusual to relate to you talking when i only have your eyes to see .
– So strange for me to hide my smile when i talk to you, it is a sensation of freedom strangely enough.
– Could I go into town with the amnesty T-shirt on do you think ? I’d like to
– I feel anonymous and at the same time very exposed when I am walking around
– I think you should be together with somebody, not alone.

– OA!  you are beautifull my dear ! (a man to his woman putting a T-skhirt on for the portrait)

– She has beautifull eyes ! look at those eyes OA ! beautifull brown eyes ! and the striped t-shirt it is reminding me of a cliché for a prisonners uniform, interesting combination, like it fits together, I experience the chador as a prison. But this protrait makes it apear and show the absurd aspects – enhance the beauty of the eyes and enprisons the person.

– This one looks like a building worker protecting himself from dust.

– This is fun !

– I get very unsecure talking to you .

– Hei ! (saying hello to a person I know – and the person turns his head away feeling like akward)-
– A little later I walk to this person and say insistivly : Hello Øyvind !  he looks at me and laughs, he recognises my voice and was very friendly then .

– Zapatista ! exclamed the mexican visitor ! 
– I did’nt think of this at all, I learn something new here tell me more about the zapatists ?
– They do not go out without a head hiding garnment, because they need to be seen and at the same time as to hide their identity. I never have seen Marco, 
the chief of the Zapatists, and do not know how he looks like, though  i have met him.

– Døes it look provocating you think ?

– the hijab is when the scarf allows the whole face to be visible, the nicab allows only the eyes to be visible, 

– we have also the burka and the chador and the terrorist mask and the mask to protect oneself from  dust.

– I find this project friendly, it focuses on the hijab etc. in a positiv way, maybe it could become a new fashion !

Make your own picture !

Take part in the visual debate by creating your own logo.

From Berlin:

picture by Roderick Pischl

From The exhibiltion at Tou Scene :

Thank you for making your choice, send your proposal here on the blog.
The 2  most popular  will be printed on 2 new t-shirts to be added to the installation ! .

1. En installasjon: T.sjorter og portætter monteres et sted i skolen på et egnet sted, for eks. i korridorene.

2.  Et foredrag: kunstneren holder foredrag om verket og om emne verket berører. Foredraget baserer seg på  de mange aspekter verket berører som for eks. : T.sjorte kultur og hijabb kultur sidestilles, behov eller manglende behov for egen yttring/makering, om toveis makeringer, om behov for  å makere egen gruppe tilhørighet eller behov for det motsatte og bevistgjøring om dette, frykt og tvang, og kunnskap om disse fenomener mm. bevistgjøring om hvordan individet eller grupper utrykker seg i det offentlig rom via sine kles valg, om grenser for dette og frihet til å gjøre det.

3.  En workshop: kunstneren initierer en workshop der elevene er invitert til å lage eget forslag til et meningsuttrykk i form av en tegning, logo, skrift elle l.  som blir ment til å overføres til en t.sjorte. Etter at kunstneren er reist igjen vil elevene som ønsker det bli oppfordret til å overføre tegningen/yttringen på egen t.sjorte, la seg fotografere som portrættene vist i installasjonen og på nettstedet https://agnesbtffn.wordpress.com/ og sende bildet til nettstedet.

Elevene blir oppfordret til å lage sin egen TST! installasjon på skolen etter innstruks utarbeidet av kunstneren.